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PM Traineeship

The PM Traineeship F-CH is the one and only professional trajectory in the world to learn the gigolo job. This is for every man who wants to learn the job of a gigolo and start to turn his passion into profits.

1 year of hard work and hard play

In this one year you have to complete the FC-H theory exam and complete at least 1 paid date with a client ending with a positive review.
At the end of the trajectory there will be a decisive review from which the outcome will decide if you will be admitted to the PM club from which you can choose the membership plan that fits you most..

The Traineeship Includes

  • Personal Skype conversation to get you started and prepared.
  • Online Trainee listing on Private-Men website for private clients.
  • Gent PP account including 100 PP Cards.
  • Certification F-CH Study Material including exam.
  • Examination Theory Certification F-CH
  • Final PM Skype Review if you are permitted to the PM club.

In order to start this traineeship and pay for the package you need to apply as a Gigolo first. After your application is reviewed we will contact you and you will receive the option to start the trajectory and pay for the package.

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