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F-CH Traineeship starting September 2021

The PM Traineeship allows you to learn the companion / gigolo job from any place in the world. The goal of the Traineeship is to get the experience you need to do the work independently at any time or point in your life.

What is the F-CH Traineeship

F-CH stands for fundamentals in companionship and hospitality. The F-CH theory covers the standards to assure quality, safety and a pleasant experience for each female customer. The theory is divided in 4 major parts called; health, business, dating and intimacy. The trajectory is finalized with a theoretical and practical exam.

1 year of hard work and hard play

In this one year you have to complete the FC-H theory exam and complete at least 1 paid date with a client ending with a positive review.
At the end of the trajectory there will be a decisive review from which the outcome will decide if you will be admitted to the PM club from which you can choose the membership plan that fits you most..

1 Year Traineeship Includes

  • Personal Skype conversation to get you started and prepared.
  • PP Account to acquire clients.
  • Certification F-CH Study Material including exam.
  • Online assistance during Traineeship
  • Examination Theory Certification F-CH

This trajectory will be available when the PP system is launched.  Please follow our Youtube Channel to keep posted until the system is launched. Alumni students of Private-Men who are FC-H certified can use the PP system without any charges please contact us directly for this. 

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