Traineeship F-CH

What is the F-CH Traineeship

F-CH stands for fundamentals in companionship and hospitality. The F-CH theory covers the standards to assure quality, safety and a pleasant experience for each female customer. The theory is divided in 4 major parts called; health, business, dating and intimacy. The trajectory is finalized with a theoretical and practical exam.

1 year of hard work and hard play

In this one year you have to complete the FC-H theory exam and complete at least 1 paid date with a client ending with a positive review.
At the end of the trajectory there will be a decisive review from which the outcome will decide if you will be admitted to the PM club from which you can choose the membership plan that fits you most..

1 Year Traineeship Includes

  • Personal Skype conversation to get you started and prepared.
  • PP Account to acquire clients.
  • Certification F-CH Study Material including exam.
  • Online assistance during Traineeship
  • Examination Theory Certification F-CH
  • Membership Card (Once completed Exam)
  • Client Cards (Once completed Exam)

Total Prize inc VAT