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The experience of one the members of Private-Men

Stormy Westwood has just earned his certification F-CH and has quickly been able to experience and share some dates below include one of his experiences with us!
Men my best date ever for company Sir / gigolo is a fact! Agreed, I was received in luxury from head to toe. Somewhere in a beautiful hotel in Netherlands Waiting for the date I felt very calm and confident. I was half an hour ahead of time available, I drank a cup of tea. In the luxury bar I was well prepared, bottle of rose, bottle of massage oil, luxury box of Belgian chocolates and some small intimate sex toys. Around five o’clock came the contact person with whom I the business section and also the wishes of the customer have reviewed and handled. Then we have drunk anything in the stylish restaurant and then went to the luxury suite after half an hour.
The lady was ready to receive me … I was in the elevator and in the lobby of the hotel overcome by the sheer luxury … we arrived on the fifteenth floor. The contact guided me into the room, everything was super quiet on the floor … the door to the room opened and the sound of soft chamber music came to meet me, I got the nicest hotel room I have ever seen hab, all muscle was white and radiated pure luxury, high ceilings, long white curtains around super king size bed with furniture of clear hard plastic and a room that the whole side of the hotel coated in size. I was asked to look to the right and in between all the beauty I saw her I stand in the distance, … blindfolded … translucent red night dress … red lingerie … thin cardigan around her shoulders … waiting, so fragile, feminine, so beautiful, gorgeous body, a woman with a life already behind him, and yet … waiting for what was to come … gasping for that touch, passion, desire and lust … it’s on erotic happen, the most beautiful thing I have ever been seen in my life and have made it … as if I was in a movie!
I walked towards her began to caress her, she began to relax and from that moment began for her, I’m sure an unforgettable experience! Stormy Westwood 😉