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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These general conditions apply to contracts concluded after 1-01-2013 under the conditions you will find the conditions previously concluded agreements.

Article 1: Definitions

In these terms and conditions Private-Men definitions shall apply:
Private-Men: Private-Men Europe and / or the Company Lord range that is offered to the Participant and the various services offered under the name Private-Men.

Article 2: Registration and Access

The application for a Private-One takes place by:
1. filling in completely the registration form on the Information Day and send, or

2. the paper registration form, also membership agreement, fill, sign and the Private-Men


b. The payment and direct debit to capture the moment Private-One has received, with the exception of the situation described in Article 2.c. registration Before signing his one-time startup costs. Failure to pay the startup costs does not mean that the membership agreement may be declared invalid.

Article 3: Membership, term and payment

A membership agreement with a private-Men is concluded for a contract of at least one year from the effective agreement. If the Member’s membership is not a calendar month before the expiry of the initial contract in writing to Private-One customer (Nachtwachtlaan 347 1058 AND, Amsterdam) terminates, the membership after the contract is automatically extended for an indefinite period and subject to a notice period of one calendar month. The effective date of the membership agreement is the first day of the calendar month following the month in which private-Men has received, except for the situation described in Article 2.c. registration
b. All amounts are payable in advance and payable.

c. Payment of membership must be made annually in advance by direct debit. A Member, being a natural person, may request to pay in installments. Payment deadline is only a month in advance by direct debit only possible within the Netherlands.

d. Failure to timely receipt by Private-Men amounts due, for example due to insufficient funds in the bank or reversal for any reason whatsoever, or for any other reason of late payment, the collection offered again. Private-One is entitled to charge. Administration fee for each additional collection effort Failed the transfer, for whatever reason, the private-Men pass blocked. If the Member, even after being urged to still meet its payment defaults, the Member in default, automatically terminates the possibility of installment payment and the full claim (ie all amounts referred to in 5.d above) relinquished. All costs for this are made on behalf of the Member.

e. Private-Men reserves the right to change the rates each January 1 (mid) by up to 8% indexing. The Member is not entitled to terminate the membership agreement as a result of a rate change unless the Member is a natural person, the rate change involves an increase in the contribution and this increase occurs within three months after the conclusion of the membership agreement. Tariff adjustments due to government measures (eg VAT rate increase or decrease) take effect immediately and do not give right to termination.

k. The interim suspension of payment is not allowed.

Article 4: End member

Termination of membership by the Member shall by notice. Cancellation must be made by letter. The letter should be given to private-Men, Nachtwachtlaan 347, 1058EN Amsterdam, including name and domain name, private-Men establishment, date of birth and signed by the Member. Focused To ensure receipt Private-It is recommended that a registered letter to do. If you have registered on our website we also offer the opportunity to serve you. Cancellation request via email (
b. The notice period is at least a full, consecutive calendar for the date the membership expires.

c. Upon termination of membership, all diensen that under subscription at Private-Men have to mention the website domain name be lifted.

d. Private-Men reserves the right to serious or repeated violation of the guidelines or other proven to be recovered unacceptable behavior as indicated by the Host / woman, the Private-Men certification and to terminate without refund of any payment a membership and without the payment for the further contract expires.

e. Suspension of membership for any reason is not permitted or possible.

Article 5: Risk and Liability

Practicing a male companion may entail risks in the field of health, hygiene and / or physical symptoms. Following the company Mr. program, meet with women and businesses of sex or following course components and / or services that are part of Private-Men, is at your own risk of the Member, the Participant with regard to physical alswel mental health.
b. Both Private-One as the Host / woman does not accept any liability for material or immaterial damages resulting from any accident or injury of the member, the Participant.

c. The Member, the Member and / or Family Member will both Private-Men as Host / woman indemnify against claims by third parties.

d. Both Private-One as the Host / woman accept no liability for any damage, loss or theft of property of the Member, the Participant.

Article 6: Personal

a Private One-processes the personal data of the Member within the framework of applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of privacy, in particular the Data Protection Act, in a manner and for the purposes described below.
b. Private One-processed personal data for the purposes of invoicing, accounts receivable, complaints and dispute information to potential customers.

c. The Member, being a natural person, has access, correction and objection rights regarding the personal data processed by him. Private-One can for inspection and / or making corrections and / or for treating a resistance charge costs to the legal maximum. The Member can a complaint against the processing of their personal data and requests for access, correction and objection addressed to Private-Men.

Article 7: Removal of additional services

a The taking of additional services including to as web hosting, website, domain name be hired by the scope of the subscription. The rightful owner of the domain name, hosting the website alswel is called Private-Men.
b. The cancellation of the subscription services including the final finished to as web hosting, website, domain name, which are rented by the member. Called

Article 8: Applicable law and disputes

a These general conditions and all agreements by or with Private-Men entered, only Dutch law.

b. Any disputes arising from the agreement between the Member and Private-Men will be settled by a person competent under the law or the applicable international treaty in the district where private-Men is located.

Article 9: Finally

a By registering the member agrees to accept these terms and conditions. the house rules and guidelines of Private-Men