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Education & Training courses for casanovas

Why we believe in educating our men

Practicing the profession of male companion comes with a range of expertises and qualities A date with a gigolo (companion) is more than buying a product in the store. Feelings, trust and emotions are essential. We understand t...
Latest News

Official return date Private-Men is on August 1st 2019

Private-Men originated from GC’s initiative in 2014 where he and a number of other gigolo’s / companions (including mr. Frank and Stormy) caused a furore in the Netherlands by catching lots of media and television-l...
Media & TV

Private-Men in Dutch Television Program Gonzo

In this television program one of the hosts of GONZO visited one of our gents and wanted to follow a course in becoming a Private-Men. We learned a lot from this experience and know by far that learning this can’t be done...