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Specialization Companionship & Hospitality – English

How can I get the “S-CH’ Certificate?

Only members in the posession of the ‘F-C’H Certificate’ qualify for the ‘S-CH Certificate’ (Speciliation in Companionship & Hospitality). certificate. To take part in this course you need to be an active club member and you need to possess the ‘F-CH Certificate’.

Conditions on reaching the ‘S-HC certificate’:

  • You are a club member and active as “Esquire”
  • You are in the possession of the ‘F-CH Certificate’.
  • You have done the theory for the on-line ‘S-CH Certificate’ and you have passed the on-line exam
  • You have visited the specialization training of PM and you have done all assignments well.
  • You have had at least three dates via Private-Men and your evaluations were sufficient.

Gentlemen who have the ‘S-CH Certificate’ have:

  • The guidelines of gentlemen ship which the Private-Men ‘S-CH Certificate’ requires.
  • The theory of the ‘S-CH Certificate’ which you will learn online via
  • The theoretical knowledge and experience you have learned via the PM trainings and workshops.
  • Scored a sufficient mark over a year by evaluations from the PM trainers and the PM board.

Once you are in the posession of the ‘S-CH Certificate’ you will have the following advantages:

  • You can use your certificate during your job as an independant Gigolo.
  • Mention of your ‘S-CH Certificate’ will be made on your profile on and will be added to the website
  • You will be selected with an advantage during Private-Men efforts with potential customers.
  • You can work though the trainers-program at Private-Men in order to give the same training at PM.