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What you need to master

Men love women when it comes to physical attention although women are not always that interested in men when it comes to courtship. One leads to another. Different expectation can be a bugger. Women have their own perspective on life and intimacy, their own pace and their own ways how, when and why they should be intimate with a men. We at Private-Men understand the part with women which we should take in consideration when it comes to the ways how women want to be treated, when and why. Leave it up to women, they are in contol.

To master the game with women can change your life. It will save you time and energy which you have been wasting if you are doing wrong.  Joining up with private-men is a concrete way of mastering the game with women and earning a little or big cash on the side. In games there are winner and losers. But if you want to be a winner in this game you have to be working on these 3 keystone as it is your life’s purpose. You are never good enough, far enough or developed enough when it comes to these 3 keystones. Keep on developing them. They will insure your success with women for men up to the age of 80!! You won’t believe it, it’s simple. The game with women keeps you young! Mentally and physically you will keep stronger this is a proven fact! It will increase your lifespan!

Always work on your mental and physical health!

No matter what comes to play always invest in your mental and physical health. You might lose your job, break up with your girlfriend or have to deal with a sudden death. Never give up on your routine that supports your mental and physical health.  Time will get you older and that should make you smarter. You will find smarter ways to evolve your routines and to keep up your routines for mental and physical health. Don’t let a day go by not working on your physical and mental health.
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Always improve the relations you have with other people!

Always improve the relationships you have with other people. Do not give on them but work on them instead. Relationships are in many cases like a mirror we hold to ourselves and this can be confronting. Don’t let this scare you and realize that fear is a bad indicator to make decisions. Fear leads to decay. Never run away from people stand your ground and built on strong relationships.
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Understand women for the better and the worst and learn from the experiences as an alpha male

Get into the reasons of behavior of women.  Try to understand women to the point that they don;t even understand anymore and would just say, I follow my feeling. Get into deep conversations about what women truly desire.  Get into deep romances, seductions and events of life that change your awareness. Through a women’s eye you will see your true self as a man. It will push you to advance and change into a stronger version of yourself when it comes to achievements which will guarantee a strong source of income. A strong source of income is simply a state of mind.
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