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Registration procedure at Private-Men as Board member / Gigolo

Would you like to get acquainted with the possibilities and merits as a companion (gigolo), our way of working and the club because you may want to work as a companion under the Private-Men flag. Or do you want to learn more about women, expand your network and benefit from all the benefits of club membership? Private Club offers nice extras for its club members. In addition to being able to practice the profession of gigolo and learning all skills with women, club members also regularly go out to meet women and regular trainings are given exclusively to club members. Private-Men is also active in Belgium and is expanding across Europe. Do you want to work with us? Then enter this registration form , we will contact you about the possibilities .

A Personal Consultation

Can I work as a companion (gigolo)? Am I suitable? What do I have to comply with to work as a companion? Are there many companions active in the Netherlands and what are the possibilities internationally? Do I have to have a driver’s license? What are the advantages of a club like Private-Men? You will receive an answer to these types of questions during the consultation.

During a Consult you will get to know Private-Men, the profession and the possibilities and how you can create a win-win situation together with Private-Men. You also receive a personal audit and the possibilities are mapped out. During a consultation the following points are central:

1. A personal meeting to discover whether the profession suits you and what the possibilities may be for you.
2. Explanation about the profession and what is involved.
3. What you can expect from Private-Men and what we expect from you.
4. You will be given the opportunity to register as a club member.

To attend a Personal Consultation you must be at least 20 years old. For us, the motivation is of great importance, the profession and the skills can be learned, hereby we turn to the expertise of Success For Men .

To attend a Consultation you have to prepare appropriately for quick and accurate steps.
Below we list the points that you should prepare and / or use:

1. You need to dress up in style, as you would be dressed on a date with a lady.
2. You must bring a valid proof of identity.
3. You must be present 15 minutes in advance.

The consultations are either done via Skype or under 4 eyes on location.