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Private-Men works professionally and exclusively, in order to maintain this we ask for qualifications, passed trainings and experience in practice before you can register. We are mandatory to our club members, clients and partners to keep qualification dossiers and to show those when it is asked for. The qualifications Private-Men has per gentlemen are different based on their expertise, knowledge and experience in practice. We test these qualifications via personal conversations which take place on an information day or a day at which you are available as a club member.

With Private-Men there are various possibilities for Gentlemen with the right profile. You can deepen or specialize in a job as Gigolo but you also can take part in our business model.

A sign-up has to be (based on the conversation) done by showing the qualifications mentioned earlier. After showing the experience we test during our conversation your experience towards women as a gentlemen as well. When you do not have any or sufficient qualifications, but you do meet our guidelines it is still possible to start via intern trainings and guidance.