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Private-Men goes worldwide

After a successful launch in the Netherlands in the years from 2013-2015 we are planning to return and go worldwide. As the international market brings more clients we look forward expanding our formula across the world.  To make this possible we are already expanding our network behind the screens and opening new channels for distribution of our gents.

As women become more independent and less dependent on men social relations between them change. Women which just as men desire affection and cuddling are now in a stronger position than ever to arrange their personal satisfaction wherever, whenever and with the person of choice.

This positive change has a somewhat negative effect on men as they have to cross an even bigger gap to get in touch with women. As women get more confident and most men have difficulty even stepping up to a women or finding the right spouse we feel that we have to assist men in preparing for this new generation of women who are socially and financially independent. These women do have higher standards in their lives and do request them from men as well. We know, women are men’s best teachers when it comes to these aspects of life for men and thus are we pushed to set higher standards when it comes to style, conversation and courtship with women.

We are ready for this change and setting sail in international waters to not only help men to grow their game with women but mainly to serve with the men they deserve.