Posted 23 January 2014 by admin in Media & TV

Private-Men in Dutch Television Program Gonzo

In this television program one of the hosts of GONZO visited one of our gents and wanted to follow a course in becoming a Private-Men. We learned a lot from this experience and know by far that learning this can’t be done in just a couple of week or years. It’s a lifestyle, a personality and your consistency in appearance and how you handle women. Nevertheless we will believe men are able to follow the path that will direct them in the right direction for personal growth for themselves when it comes to health, appearance, style and all the other beneficials with women from romance to sex.

Our aim has always been to expand fast worldwide. Nevertheless we were struck with bad luck and didn’t had the time to further develop this new concept.
With our revolutionary concept many programs in Holland where interested in how we did our work.
Now that we are aiming our arrows for the international market who knows what possibilities are ahead.

Please feel free to ask any questions if you want to know more as we might be soon be available near you!