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F-HC Certification

How can I succeed in getting the F-HC Certification?

As a member of our club almost any man can achieve reaching the Private-Men F-HC Certification (Fundamentals in Hospitality & Companionship). As a member of our club you have to achieve reaching the certification in at least one year. The training for the F-CH Certification is partially theory and partially practice with an audit in the end held with an examiner.
You need to be an active club-member to take part in this course

Conditions in reaching the ‘F-CH Certification’:

  • You are a club member
  • You have successfully done the starters program and are placed in “The Gentlemen’s Club”
  • You have done the on-line theory for the “F-CH Certification” and passed the on-line exam
  • You have had at least one paid date via Private-men and you got a good evaluation.

Gigolo’s who have certified are in the possesion of:

  • The guidelines of the gentlemenship the Private-Men F-HG Certification requires.
  • The theoretical knowledge and experience of the PM trainings and workshops.
  • Scored a passmark over a year with evaluations every three months.

Once you are in the posession of the ‘F-HG Certification’ you can profit from the following advantages:

  • You can use the certification during your job as an independant Gigolo.
  • The ‘F-HG Certification will be added to your profile on
  • Certified club members gain access as one of the first to the select group of “PM Angels”
  • Certified members have allowance to use their knowledge and expertise on Private-Men trainings and meetings.
  • Certified members are allowed to take part in the PM Partner Program.
  • You can start on the S-HC Certifcation.
  • You will be put to work at Private-Men according to the F-HG Certification tariffs.