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How to prepare yourself


Make sure you have a stable income and balanced sex life. You don’t have to be rich! This job requires a minimum investment and requires mostly time which you were going to spend on women anyway. The money you will earn and the sexual experiences are not something you can count on. Make sure it is and stays an addition on your personal situation. Do not let women become an expense even if you are low on the attention of women. Stay discreet and professional do not let temptation take over, stay in control of temptation. This will benefit you in your love life with women as well.


Always work on your mental and physical health


No matter what comes to play always invest in your mental and physical health. You might lose your job, break up with your girlfriend or lose a close relative.
Whatever happens never give up on your mental and physical health. Make sure you can count on your health it’s most important in life and for this job.
Never sell your spirit for money.


Keep improving and expanding your relationships with women


Always improve the relationships you have with women and expand for new ones even if you already in a relationship. On the long term it’s far more beneficial for a man to have good understanding relationships with women than with men. When the man has greater ambitions women are far more valuable resources when it comes to life and wealth when handled properly.

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Interesting books to read


Some references to books that will enhance your life personally and with women. Specifically for the success a man can achieve. These books can be bought anywhere and some of them may even be found for free online.

How to be a Gentleman – John Bridges

24 laws of Temptation – Robert Green

The Female Brain – Loanne Brizendine

The Male Brain – Louanne Brizendine

The Prince – Niccolò Machiavelli

The pocket Oracle – Baltasar Gracián