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Time is a given but taking time is a choice. We live in a time where we choose to rush and run and forget about the small details in life that can make us happy. I experiences the rush as an Entrepreneur and chose differently, I chose the road that leads the search into the inside. I believe all the answers are to be found inside all of us.

I have been fascinated by the energy field between men and women and the life dynamics that come forth out of it. The beginning and the end and all the infinite possibilities like yin and yang that hold it together. I have used this in my coaching practices and during life. Knowing how to use these energy fields in forms like kundalini energy for health and longevity reasons can be a great asset to ones life. What interested me the most was how this intensity increased when channeled between male and female in the right state of mind. I was amazed when I found how how man and women are able to heal each other what simply is a process to open one’s mind and relax.

The ways I have learned an my ravels and experiences with women have given me insights which I used a companion and in my love life. It have thought me ways to further learn and able to teach those who want to learn these ways with Private-Men.

It’s the healing process that matters and when some is ready to give he will receive. That’s the beauty of it.