Posted 19 September 2018 by admin in Latest News

Official return date Private-Men is on August 1st 2019

Private-Men originated from GC’s initiative in 2014 where he and a number of other gigolo’s / companions (including mr. Frank and Stormy) caused a furore in the Netherlands by catching lots of media and television-land attention in a short period of time about how companions / gigolo’s were trained and placed in the field. This is largely due to the efforts of all club members who have given their full commitment and confidence to the club.

Private-Men was and still is a young organization and, as with any organization that grows quickly, mistakes can be made. For example, we have overlooked several important aspects because of the rapid growth. In spite of all the prosperous messages and possibilities, fate struck in 2015 when GC ended up in a heavy financial struggle with his prior company SIGTRIUM (now declared bankrupt). The financial issue forced GC to terminate all work per acute in 2017 and has had to withdraw for an unknown period.

Since that date everything has been silent at both Success for Men and at Private-Men. Questions can travel like: Where would Private-Men be if GC would not have ended up in this financial entanglement? Something that we will soon find out. GC has announced to make his comeback on the first of August of 2019, further details will then follow.

At the moment, Mr.Frank and Stormy, Private-Men are still observing and working together with GC behind the scenes for his return.
In the meantime, Private-Men is from now on able to handle registrations and review them on short term. Procedures are still being improved at this time so no work in the field is initiated.

Also, all former members are of course welcome again from 1 August 2019.

We are taking new inquiries in our new business model. Feel free to ask or fill in our application form.