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No male escort or gigolo! We are gent’s, private-gents! Trained in the arts of hospitality and companionship for women.

We at Private-Men don’t like to be classified as gigolo or a male escort. The companion is more versatile and trained at Private-Men to accompany women. It’s not just about satisfying the woman in the sexual, erotic or exciting field. Our men are gentlemans as service on a wide range of different services. Our men are all trained in the Fundamentals Companionship & Hospitality deepened and have heart and passion for the profession and for women in general. They are all audited on their progress every year by the PM trainer to deliver the best of the best. We know that we ask a lot from our men but that’s the only way to be assured of the quality we want to deliver, a piece of quality and class that can be seen. A bit of confidence that if you wish everything goes discreet.

The big difference between the gigolo and the companion

Why do we mainly use the term male companion and not talk about or Gigolo male escort has to do with a certain degree of employability, readiness, general knowledge and skills in the hospitality and the additional class. In addition, does the Gigolo male escort or mainly only and is not usable by a group. This is a big difference because our hosts are both alone and in a group can be used for openings, celebrations or other events and can be coordinated and managed as a group if desired.
They have the social skills, the desired class to operate in most environments. As a team or group.

Uniformity and standardized class

You can count on outstanding class of our men because all our Company Men (Gigolos) all have followed the standard training courses. So there is a certain uniformity in class, styling and skills / knowledge in the appeal. We offer a wide range of different types of men but you are always assured of the Private-Men quality.