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We would like to consider ourselves as a club. A club of men sharing interest in their personal growth as a man to become a better man. There are many ways that lead to Rome and so does our club have different men who walk the walk in their own way.

Do not expect a clubhouse, meetups or grand openings for members to get together, it’s a private club not a social club. We look each other up about things that matter in life when it’s about relations, women and life. We care for each others success and share our knowledge because we know if can not harm us, it can only give better understanding of life.

Like any other club we have club rules and obligations that need to be taken care of. We are organized as a group and respectful towards all members. Becoming a new member requires a period of trial which includes the needed education which will indicate if you are fit enough to join the club and practice our philosophy.

We are men living a solitary life not chasing grand gestures but here to serve with the best we are. On stand by for women in need of a shoulder to lean on or a helping hand to carry her forward when tides may change.