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Get your Free PM Traineeship!


Yes! It’s true! Benefit from a PM TRAINEESHIP  without having to pay $379,-! Including the training material, the online tools, environment an Exclusive PP account and the exam!
No catch but just a damn good reason, we simply need good men when our PP system will be launched September 2021.

Gamerules of this Promotion


We can grant 10 free traineeships for each unique application from a unique city in and unique country. So, if there are 10 men enlisted from New York there are no more free traineeships available for that city unless you are from Vancouver.

The adjusted Sign up process for this Promotion


Please follow these guidelines to make use of this promotion


1.Read the preparations.
2.Just sign up here and fill in the requested information as good as you can.
3.Wait for our email response to invite you for a free audit.
4.We will schedule an audit in with GC where you can also ask questions. This audit will get recorded and you need a webcam for this audit. The audit takes around 45 to 60 min and will be published on our Youtube Channel.
5.Once the audit is successfully completed you will receive a response from us either you are selected for the free program in October 2020 or not.
6.When you are selected we will contact you for further details. Please keep in mind that if you are to be selected for the program the recorded audit will be broadcasted on Youtube and you will be listed representing your country. If you have problems with us broadcasting this audit please do not apply for the audit.
Be standby after the consultation as we will get clients to our channel which might result in interested clients you will need to handle directly yourself.


Selected and approved applicants for this Promotion

The following applicants have been selected and have been granted the lifetime free gent membership. These members can use our system for free for the rest of our life when it will be launched in September 2020.