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Why GC started Private-Men

Tell us how you feel towards women?

I always felt like there was this big gap between me and women since I was young. Since than I have never been able to fill the gap. Women were and still are a mystery for me, but hey, what’s new?
I soon found out on an early age that women are not just gonna do what you ask from them, even if you have the balls to ask them.  Indeed, I didn’t had the balls to step up to women until age 21 so I know all about building confidence with women.

How did Private-Men start?

Private-Men is filling the gap where men get no education with women and can do so now in a professional environment without being played around by women and your time get’s wasted. Private-Men is a professional environment for men who want to master their skills with women when it comes to seduction, conversation and courtship.

What did you learn about women during Private-Men?

From my experience I wasted a lot of time playing games with women not learning the actual tricks, the actual ways that would benefit me. I was wasting valuable time and I lost a lot of money in the process.
To tackle this and find the right audience of women I came up with the idea of Private-Men. Although the organization is still young we have been through a lot and so have I.

Why did you start Private-Men?

I knew that it was not just for me. Not having to play games with women anymore but able to agree on a professional level and even getting paid. No, I knew that it could also help other men. Getting professional advice on seduction, temptation, courtship style and everything else because it’s no game anymore. It’s for real. Women are paying money for this and do want to get the best which delivers the best feedback of course.

What makes Private-Men unique?

Al this together brings a cycle of development for men where Private-Men plays a key role in surfacing crucial information and sharing it with her club members. Setting out new ways to attract clients and informing her members for new paid reservations. This makes learning about women fun and makes your private life even spicier with women.

Please do visit my youtube channel. I am planning to share a basic knowledge required before joining the program. These video’s will be free. Make sure to subscribe.