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Fundamentals Companionship & Hospitality – english

How can I receive the ‘F-CH Certificate’?

As a member of our club, almost any man with a passion for this job can receive the ‘Certificate F-CH’ (Fundamentals in Companionship & Hospitality). As a member of our club you need to pass the exams in at least 1 year. The training for the ‘F-CH Certificate’ is partially theory and practice with in the end a oral exam with a PM examiner. When you want to do the exams and receive the ‘F-CH Certificate’ you need to be an active club-member.

Conditions for receiving the ‘F-CH Certificate’:

  • You are an active club member.
  • You successfully past the starters program and are classified for our “Gentleman’s Club.”.
  • You did the online ‘F-CH Certification’ and you past the online exam.
  • You have past at least one date via our Private-Men program and received a good evaluation for it.

Gentlemen who received the ‘F-CH Certificate’ have:

  • The guidelines of being a gentlemen which the ‘F-CH Certificate’ requires from them.
  • The theoretical knowledge learned via the PM training and workshops.
  • Good evaluations from a PM mentor from the active period as a club member.

Once you are in the possession of the ‘F-CH Certificate’ you can profit from the following advantages:

  • You can apply and use you certification during your job as an independent Gigolo.
  • The mentioning of the ‘F-CH Certificate’ will be added to your profile on the website.
  • Certified members gain access faster to the select group of “Esquires”
  • Certified members are titled as “Esquires” and are allowed to share their learned knowledge and expertise from the Private-Men training and meetings.
  • Certified members are eligible for the PM Partner Program.
  • F-CH certified gentlemen are allowed to start the S-HC Certificate’.
  • As a certified F-CH member will get a larger mention on our website and you will be placed higher in our overview