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F-CH | Esquire Weekend Course

Esquire Weekend Course with practice exam – F-CH Certificate

In 2 days time (a long weekend) you will be prepared for the Gigolo practice and theory F-CH exam with which you can work as a direct ‘Esquire’ Gigolo at Private-Men when you pass the exam. The unique part in this course is that the groups are small and the whole F-CH traject which usually takes almost three months is compressed in just one weekend!  Learn all bits and pieces about the profession and win the expertise to accompany, pleasure and seduce women during working times and in private life.

Esquire Course

The Esquire Course guarantees that you will learn all basic aspects and more in seduction, the sensual and mysterious skills involving sex and all norms, values and labels how a gigolo works in his life with a woman. The course takes care of all aspects and every detail of the job the gigolo to be will experience. This intensive two day training prepares you  for a try out date (which is the exam).  When you succeed you will obtain the ‘F-CH Certificate‘.

Theory Certificate F-CH (pre selfstudy required)

(session 1)
Exam Theory Certificate F-CH
Practice Training Certificate F-CH

(session 2)
Exam Practice F-CH (date with evaluation)

Sunday Afternoon:
(session 1)
Image, Reputation, Relationmarketing & Social Media.
Fotoshoot & processing the pictures

A theoretical training with practice exam

Success For Men offers in cooperation with Private-Men the course in which you will get familiar with all aspects of seduction and sex whick will make you an indisputable seducer and professional gent. At the end of the entire course you have to pass your exams in both theory and practice.
We are the biggest company on the market and we have the most experience concidering seduction, sex, women and being a good host.

Programme Esquire Course

The Esquire Course takes two days and is held during a long weekend. This includes preparation and training for the try-out date, which will take place at a later time.
The course starts at Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.

In addition to  the theoretical side, you will experience the skills of seduction,  communication and sensuality through practice.
The listing details various aspects of our program.

  • Basic skills (theoretical) seduction, being a gentleman, accompanying women.
  • Improving practice skill with meeting, accompanying and maintaining relationships with women.
  • Gigolo etiquettes and job skills according to Private-Men.
  • Basic skills in sensuality and intimacy with women.
  • Professional photoshoot and restlying on location.
  • Practical exam (a date with a female candidate).
  • Theoretical and practice exam for the F-CH Certificate.

Taking part in the Esquire course (Training)

  • You want to take your practice and theoretical lessons fast and want to start as an ‘Esquire’ straight away.
  • You are interested in the subject and all aspects around it and you are willing to put in your time and energy.
  • You are anxious and open for personal growth when it involves interaction with women.
  • You are willing to work ouside your usual habits and principals to discover and experience a new area.
  • Women play an important role in your life and you want to specialize yourself in them.

Costs for taking part all-inclusive

Inclusive taxes, the theoretical and practice exam, an extensive manual, theory book and certification:

  • The costs for none-members are €1249,-
  • The costs for members are €749,-

I want to take part

To take part in our ‘Esquire Course’ you have to take a personal consult at Success For Men or you have to be an existing member at Private-Men.

For questions you can contact us via this link.