Posted 19 December 2018 by Les Bannier in Education & Training courses for casanovas

Why we believe in educating our men

Practicing the profession of male companion comes with a range of expertises and qualities
A date with a gigolo (companion) is more than buying a product in the store. Feelings, trust and emotions are essential. We understand that this is a sensitive setting and choose not only to prepare our men but also to inform our clients at our best. Take care in the setup of the right match for the best experience.
We have a keen eye for small details and have patience during our selection procedures of men. We want even more than women could expect from men. That is why Private-Men believes in educating men able to create unforgettable experiences.

What do they learn?
We teach them etiquette in presentation, ins and outs about hygiene, having a proper health, but also in gentle communication with women. Being able to provide a sublime experience where the woman is central and the gentleman accompanies her in her needs. A gentleman who has patience, able to listen well and gives the woman a pleasant feeling accompanied with the fantasies that come with any new experience.

Personal guidance for our members
Our gentlemen not only have clear guidelines on how they should live in terms of health, hygiene and personal goals, but are also guided in our trajectory to complete education goals. We want to make sure our men are qualified at any moment when it comes to our standards.

Private-Men is the only agency that offers this guidance and training
Private-Men is the first club that certifies gentlemen within this profession. We believe it’s crucial to keep improving standards when it comes to accompany women on a higher level.
We are convinced that the profession is only destined for a certain type of men. Results of our education course to add additional value and expertise to the individual but do not change it’s personality.To ensure that we deliver the quality that women can depend on and are looking for we do screenings and intensive testings before men can apply for the trajectory.