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Courtship between men and women has seen many forms throughout evolution. In modern times new traditions arise which shape the perception of love and how we handle it in our busy lives. Courtship as we have known it in the past where courageous men were seducing women with their comforting words and gifts are slowly disappearing. Many might think that we are old fashioned as we still believe in this code although the world around increasing demanding more time and less time for courtship.

We are private-men, independent men who still believe in courtship even if society is demanding more and more. For this reason we are not available for women without a sign of courtship.

We would love to offer easy services for all women to be able to browse through our profiles and pick a men of her liking for a date that would fulfill her fantasies.

We have decided not follow the masses, we are men who still believe in the traditions of courtship even if it’s just for a moment. We do so because we know from experience that it will make a world of difference.