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About Us

How the story started


Private-Men started with a group of men who plaid the game of mystery with women very well. So well they decided to turn it into legend.. a legend that would never will be forgotten.

Our Mission


Making it accessible for for every man to have the companion experience with women. Learning from this experiencing and growing their game together with us.

This is not a JOB but a Lifestyle


We men will have to deal with many challenges in life. As it may seem the biggest challenges in life are out there but some are really close but we seemingly take that for granted. Women are one of the big challenges we are supposed to face alone but not when you team up with Private-Men. Knowing how to deal with women when it comes to relationship, sex and money is fundamental when you adopt the playboy lifestyle. It’s not a job it’s knowing how to make the best decisions when it comes women, relationships, sex and money. It’s an lifestyle investment and thus a lifetime lifestyle which will separate you from other men who act or think differently. Do you feel you want to be part of Private-Men than sign up as an applicant.