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About Private-Men

About Private-Men

Private-Men originated from the initiative of GC in 2014 where he and a number of other gigolo’s / companions (including Mr. Frank and Stormy) caused a furore in the Benelux by getting media and television land on the floor in a short time how companions were trained . GC at that time founder and owner of both Success For Men (personal development for the man) and SIGTRIUM (software development) saw the combination for itself to train as a companion. Knowing from Success For Men what the importance of women is in the life of the man and that this should develop into Alfa Man he decided together with his supporters to combine these 2 ingredients in Private-Men.

Private-Men was and still is a young organization and, as with any organization that grows quickly, mistakes can be made. For example, we have passed many important aspects through rapid growth and many opportunities. Despite all the prosperous messages and possibilities, fate struck in 2015 when the owner of PM, GC ended up in a heavy financial issue with his company SIGTRIUM. The issue has assumed so many forms that it must terminate all work per acute in 2017 and have to withdraw for an unknown time.

Since that date everything has been black at both Success for Men and at Private-Men. Questions can travel like: Where would Private-Men be if GC would not have ended up in this financial entanglement? Something that we will soon find out. GC has announced that it will make its comeback on 1 August 2019 and to reveal further details of its situation and how this has happened.
Further information about his situation is still unknown.

At the moment, Mr.Frank and Stormy, Private-Men are still observing and working together with GC behind the scenes on the return.
In the meantime, we can already handle registrations and deploy them in the short term. Procedures are still being improved at this time.
We hope for your patience. Also, all former members are of course welcome again from 1 August 2019. Naturally, we will send a press release about this period during this period.